COVID-19 Recovery and Reflection

This page will provide a constantly updated resource for those working in London's local authorities. You are welcome to contact Administrator@LIIA.London if you have documents to share, particualrly around 'recovery' or 'reflection'.

We are delighted to share a set of research briefings from our colleagues at the Association of Child Protection Professionals: A multi-agency investigation of child safeguarding and protection responses consequent upon COVID-19 lockdown/social distancing measures

Research briefing 1:  Professional wellbeing, capacity and training

Research briefing 2:  Looked After Children and Care Leavers

Research briefing 3: Education and the Role of Schools

Research briefing 4: Early Help

ALDCS has undertaken a three-pronged approach to Covid-19 learning and recovery. Detailed reports are held in the password-protected DCS Memebrs' area:

  • DCS Recovery Workshops: these facilitated sessions in each sub-region followed a common framework in which the experience of working through Covid, the benefits of collaboration and the challenges thrown up as a result of the impact of Covid were explored. Each workshop agreed on sub-regional priorities that will now underpin the sub-regional work for the coming months.
  • Work through ALDCS networks: specific recovery activity has been undertaken by Strategic Education Leads for London, the Youth Justice Strategic Leaders Network and the Practice Leaders (AD Safeguarding) Network. 
  • Action Learning Sessions – ‘Learning from Lockdown’: Research in Practice (RiP) facilitated 18 online workshops with colleagues from across London drawn from different vantage points in children’s services; from front-line practitioners to heads of service. Particular attention was paid to the impact of an increase in digital engagement and consideration of the benefits, or otherwise, in various settings such as CP conferences, CLA reviews, courts, contacts and the impact on staff of these new ways of working. 

The body of evidence from the action learning sessions is currently being combined with the output of the other workshops and with messages from children and families about how they have experienced engagement during the Covid period. Proposed next steps will include the development of frameworks (with RiP) to promote safe and effective digital practice and to support staff in new ways of working that promote resilience and well-being. This pan-London work will align with the sub-regional recovery work  which is already underway.

Additionally as part of the Covid-19 resilience work ALDCS undertook two placements surveys and convened a weekly pan-London placements panel. What was conceived as a short-term response to the threat to placements in the pandemic has now developed into the Pan-London Placements Commissioning Programme which has a number of workstreams targeting sufficiency, improved outcomes and greater value from the high cost / low incidence placements, particularly those for adolescents.

You will find useful links from the London region and its authorities, other regions and our national partners below. We have collated a set of resources from national government in the 'Useful COVID-19 resources' box opposite.

Useful links from national partners      


Guidance and resources from LGA and our key partners, including latest official Government information relevant to local government.

LGA C-19 page

Guidance and resources for children’s services, including an aggregated list of all relevant guidance

ADCS C-19 page

Guidance for health professionals, other organisations as well as the public, including sampling and diagnostics guidance and forms.

UK C-19 Collection of C-19 guidance pages

Ofsted rolling updated page - guidance and information relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children's social care and further education and skills providers.

Ofsted C-19 news

Cafcass COVID-19 Guidance for children and families

Cafcass C-19 Guidance

Social Work England's C-19 page

 Social Work England C-19

London reflection and learning

Supporting the futures of children’s and young people’s education and skills following COVID-19: This report focuses on the experiences of leaders, teachers, support staff, pupils, and learners during the COVID-19 lockdown. It was a small survey which involved a collaboration between six London boroughs. It provides suggestions from these experiences and the latest research that hopefully will benefit pupils, learners, teachers, and leaders in the future.

Learning from Lockdown:  Please see the dedicated web page for more details on this London-wide research project undertaken by our colleagues from Research in Practice.

Examples of guidance about how to work with children and families and social distancing

Collection of 18 Guidance notes for use of PPE by role from London Councils.

Here is an animation Kent CC Virtual School apprentices made for Looked After Children returning to school - feel free to use.

Covid19 Guidance for Schools (from Lambeth) - with Easy Read version.

Covid 19 Guidance for Social workers (from Croydon)

Safeguarding advice

Message to social workers in relation to undertaking core activities (LB Tower Hamlets)

Responding to COVID-19: the ethical framework for adult social care

Safeguarding page on LGfL Coronavirus site

Parents and online safeguarding resources, including a simple poster.

SEGfL distance learning resources, including issues around Safeguarding

Education and SEND

Guidance on homeworking and remote learning

 Here is the joint ministerial letter re EHC plan temporary Guidance to children and young people with SEND and their parents and carers, with an accompanying presentation.  (Guidance document opposite).

 Please find attached here an open letter to children and young people with SEND, their parents, families and others who support them from Vicky Ford, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families.