Directors & Assistant Directors of Children’s Commissioning Pan-London Network

The network supports London's senior commissioners to continually improve practice and outcomes by:

  • Sharing information and best practice in relation to local authority Children’s commissioning, including integration with CCG commissioning
  • Identifying and sharing solutions to consistently difficult issues in relation to local authority Children’s commissioning and joint commissioning with partners
  • Identifying and progressing opportunities for joint commissioning by London boroughs
  • Providing peer support
  • Leading any relevant actions or workstreams as requested by the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services (ALDCS)

Membership is open to all Directors and Assistant Directors of Commissioning for Children’s Services in London local authorities. This includes posts that are held jointly with Adults’ Services and Clinical Commissioning Groups.


Governance & Reporting

The network may be requested to lead on commissioning related actions or workstreams on behalf of ALDCS.

The network will report to ALDCS as required.

The network will seek to establish an interface with the Healthy London Partnership.

The Chair and Vice Chair will be identified on an annual basis by nomination or volunteers, with a vote taken (1 vote per member) if necessary.

 All members are requested to contribute to meetings through the sharing of good practice, challenges and opportunities.

The network will meet quarterly. Any task and finish groups established by the network will meet as required.  Attendance at meetings may be limited by room size and places will be provided to those who RSVP first.  

The group will:

  • Work with and influence local and regional Commissioning with CCG and STP arrangements to support local and regional integrated commissioning
  • Provide space for discussing consistently difficult issues, share and evaluate potential solutions between members of the group and identifying joint commissioning opportunities
  • Invite external organisations and/or local authorities from outside of London to inform discussions and share best practice and potential solutions
  • Establish task and finish group/s to lead specific work as required

For a more detailed introduction into the work of the pan-London Directors & Assistant Directors of Children’s Commissioning Network, please see our Terms of Reference here.


Contact Details

Joint Director of Integrated Commissioning: Warwick Tomsett