Current and Upcoming Use-cases

What is the Child Level Data Project?

The CLD project is an ambitious, wide-ranging project which will underpin some of our biggest pan-London priorities. The project is being taken forward in partnership with Social Finance, a not-for-profit consulting organisation, who are working with our LIIA Data & intelligence team and with support from the London Borough of Sutton and other London partners including the Information Governance for London (IGfL) group and the London DataStore.

By creating a secure platform where local authorities can share data with each other and other analysts, the CLD project will improve the breadth and quality of data analysis available to local authorities in London.

The project is based around a selection of use-cases - specfic projects and questions which require detailed pan-London data. These use-cases relate to some of the most pressing problems and areas for improvement facing children's services in London.

The initial use cases have been chosen based on where we know that the pan-London data anlysis will be impactful, and where existing data is accessible and available. 

The first step for LIIA is to confirm Data Protection Agreements with all local authorities. The table to the left shows the current and upcoming use-cases which the CLD project will be working with. 

What do we need from you?

LIIA will shortly be getting in touch with DCSs and Data Protection Officers from every London Borough to get DPAs signed and returned. The DPA constitutes an agreement to be part of the future work of the Child Level Data Project, as well as the three use-cases which are our first priority. The DPA has been developed with input from Information Governance for London (IGfL). 


We will be asking London Boroughs to provide us with a summary DPIA which covers the existing use cases in the CLD project
LIIA will circulate a template DPIA, developed with the London Borough of Islington and IGfL, which boroughs can use to write their own DPIA.
Please see DPIAs which have been approved by IGfL on the right.

Therefore, London Boroughs should be ready to recieve requests to:

  • Sign a DPA
  • Create a DPIA (from a template which will be provided)

Any queries should be directed to: