About Us

We are LIIA – the London Innovation and Improvement Alliance. We work to improve outcomes for London’s children and young people.

Together For London’s Children

We facilitate collaboration that benefits children and young people. We do this by tackling agreed London-wide priorities that are set through the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services (ALDCS).

Hosted by London Councils, LIIA is the capital’s Regional Improvement and Innovation Alliance (RIIA) and works with Department for Education, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and the eight other RIIA across the country to promote learning, facilitate collaboration, enable governance, leverage investment and share best practice solutions for mutual benefit.

We are taking forward five priority programmes on behalf of ALDCS in response to the most pressing challenges in the children’s sector, namely:

  • Adolescent Safeguarding
  • SEND
  • Resources & Commissioning
  • Workforce
  • Care Leaving


Success Measures

Our success is judged on:

  • Our impact for children: we’ve improved the lives of those with the greatest need – adolescents at risk, those with SEND, children in care and those impacted by disproportional representation due to race.
  • Our contribution to financial sustainability: our innovations have brought about collaboration that leads to better managed cost and demand across London.
  • How well we amplify the voice of London’s children: we listen and act on the needs of London’s children. We have captured and told their stories to shape national policy that will benefit London’s children.
  • Achieving culture shift: sharing, challenging, learning and problem-solving across London’s councils becomes the norm and common problems are addressed through collective solutions.
  • Our facilitation of shared intelligence: decision-making and resource allocation is based on a systematic approach to children’s services data-sharing and benchmarking.
  • Our creation of a common governance structure: London’s children’s services work better together and with partners due to the governance and practice we’ve enabled.

Latest Updates

For more information, you can read news and updates about our work here


LIIA are founded upon a Memorandum of Understanding agreed between all of London’s local authorities. We are funded by local authority subscription and DfE grant and governed by the LIIA Board.