Resources & Commissioning

The Commissioning Priority Workstream is led by Chris Munday (DCS Barnet) and supported by the Pan-London Placements Commissioning Panel


London authorities are facing an unsustainable financial risk as expenditure on provision for children with high needs grows both in SEND and social care, due to growing demand, shrinking supply, and increasing provider fees. In response to this shortfall of provision and the associated financial risk, we are working to understand the key factors behind these pressures and developing collaborative solutions across a variety of commissioned services. 

The Pan-London Placement Commissioning Programme is taking forward a range of projects to improve placement sufficiency, quality and value for money for London local authorities in order to improve outcomes for London children.


Strategic Objectives

  • Build a strong understanding across London of the factors which are putting pressure on commissioned services 
  • Build an evidence base in support of sub-regional and regional collaborative commissioning as a solution to the pressures London is facing
  • Strengthen partnership arrangements for specific commissioned services across London and the sub-regions
  • Open new, high quality London provision for London children

Latest Updates

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July 2023

Demand & Capacity of Homes for Children in Care Report Published

April 2023

Release of the Pan-London Dynamic Sufficiency Tool

March 2022

29 LAs now signed up to the Pan-London Vehicle

October 2022

7 successful bid for DfE capital funding to open new Children’s Homes in London.

September 2022

Publication of Collaborative Commissioning, Creative Support Report

March 2022

Publication of London Children, London Lives Report

February 2022

Publication of Doing Better Together Report

Contact Details

Commissioning and SEND Lead: Frank Offer (LIIA)

Policy and Project Support Officer: Bethan Evans (LIIA)


The Resources and Commissioning Programme is taken forward by the Pan-London Placements Commissioning Panel. This panel is chaired by Chris Munday (DCS Barnet) and reports to ALDCS and the LIIA Board.