Core Activities

LIIA bring London’s 33 children’s services together; promoting learning, facilitating collaboration, enabling governance, leveraging investment and sharing best practice, underpinned by data insights.

LIIA has a diverse programme of activities to support sector-led improvement across the region. This includes us enabling and facilitating;

  • Sharing Best Practice: Supporting and sharing examples of best practice, innovation and learnings from across London Authorities. LIIA further enable this by providing packages of support
  • Peer Challenge & Review: Leading a programme of peer challenge and peer review that includes numerous thematically focused events across the year related to ALDCS four priority areas, as well as annual events bringing together Director of Children’s Services, as proven tools for improvement.
  • Data Insights: Data performs a vital role in supporting peer challenge and our four priorities are supported by a framework of shared data to ensure that evidence underpins our work. Data is disseminated on a quarterly basis to provide a benchmark and evidence base for identifying shared challenges and tracking progress.


Strategic Objectives

  • Enable effective practice sharing and learning across London’s children’s services to improve service delivery, inspection judgements and outcomes for children. 
  • Deliver benchmarking data on a quarterly basis to improve strategy and provide meaningful data insights.
  • Foster collaboration and sector-led improvement across the region, representing the impact of working #TogetherForLondonsChildren
  • Enable London’s regional influence on the national agenda.​

Latest Updates

For more information, you can read news and updates about our Core Activities projects here.



February 2023

ALDCS Children’s Services Summit 2023

March 2022

South London DCS Peer Challenge

February 2022

East London DCS Peer Challenge

February 2022

North London DCS Peer Challenge

November 2021

West London DCS Peer Challenge

November 2022

Lambeth Peer Review

Contact Details

LIIA Strategic Lead: Ben Byrne (LIIA)

LIIA Strategic Intelligence Lead: Rashid Jussa (LIIA)


Programme Lead: Matt Raleigh (LIIA)

LIIA Programme Manager and Workforce Lead: Rula Tripolitaki (LIIA)