London Social Work for Children

London Social Work for Children (LSWC) brings together the extensive and diverse range of career opportunities that are on offer across London.

London Social Work for Children aims to provide employment and professional development opportunities across London, to both practicing and prospective social workers.

The platform will allow you to explore: 

  • All the latest job vacancies listed
  • Information on all aspects of the career opportunities children’s social work has to offer  
  • What makes London a great place to live and work
  • The latest regional and national social work related news

Project Goals

  • Regional recruitment campaigns, working collaboratively to ensure current and perspective candidates are able to access the exciting career opportunities in the capital through a single site, no matter what stage in your career.
  • Representing the London Social Work profession through the stories and examples of London’s existing workforce;
  • Work in partnership regionally and nationally to develop resources for anyone working considering a career in social work or looking to develop their experience.

Project Milestones

  • Conducted research to understand the impact and benefits of similar regional approaches and developed a business case to progress with developing a London Children’s Services microsite.
  • Held a regional event with presentations from Children’s Social Work Matters in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, as a shared learning event.
  • Undertook a procurement exercise to identify a suitable partner to support the co-production of the microsite and campaign delivery, awarding Social Marketing Gateway as the regional partner.
  • Secured funding support from LGA to enable the design and development phase.
  • Developed a multi-skilled Task & Finish Group from across 6 London Authorities and a sub-regional Teaching Partnership to co-produce the microsite on behalf of London.

‘This is such a beautifully laid out and functional website, lots of fantastic resources for social work professionals and employers to use. I’m sure it will make a great difference to London!’ – Suzanne Hudson, Senior Adviser – Workforce and Policy

“The site will give every LA their own space to promote opportunities and describe the area as a whole and the social care profile. The site will also enable regional and ‘whole London’ profiling to support agile workforce development campaigns.” – Roisin Madden, Practice Leader, Croydon and Member of the Workforce Steering Group

“Really exciting for London and glad to be part of it!” – Ali Kelly, Strategic Resourcing Lead, Sutton


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