Pan-London Dynamic Sufficiency Tool

Using child-level data to give insights into placements and Looked After Children across London.

The Dynamic Sufficiency Tool, created in partnership with the Commissioning Alliance and Social Finance, offers commissioners and DCSs insights into services, children, and their experiences. The tool uses the LIIA Child Level Data Project infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of data and insights across London.

Project Goals

The tool aggregates and shares Boroughs’ data from Children’s Services dataset that is produced a part of Boroughs’ statutory duties – Children Looked After return ‘SSDA903’. The tool aims to:

  • accelerate service improvement, by enabling the identification and prioritisation of opportunities for improvement, and the identification of good practice in other Boroughs
  • compare the commissioning of placements for looked after children across London Boroughs to improve the market information available to make commissioning decisions
  • monitor inequalities, by enabling comparative analysis of the odds of key outcomes for children in care (e.g. the distance between their home and their placement, placement breakdowns) for children of different ethnicities.

You can access the Dynamic Sufficiency Tool through the Casa platform, To log into the Casa platform, please contact Chris Corbett:


Contact Details

Policy and Project Support Officer: Bethan Evans (LIIA)


DPIA Pan London Sufficiency Tool Analysis