Shared Learning

As part of London’s commitment to collaboration and best practice, LIIA facilitate shared learning workshops that are co-designed and co-led by London Authorities on key areas of interest to support continued improvement in recruitment and retention.


The London Innovation and Improvement Alliance bring London Authorities together to share their different approaches in order to support workforce development; including numerous topics around recruitment, retention and practice.

Project Goals

  • Bring London Authority colleagues together to enable shared learning on key areas of interest
  • Enable sector led improvement opportunities to share best practice examples from across London
  • Identify opportunities to scale initiatives with partner LAs, sub-regions or regionally
  • Identify opportunities to scale initiatives with partner LAs, sub-regions or regionally

Project Milestones

  • Conducted a regional survey on international recruitment experienced to understand opportunities for shared learning.
  • Ealing, Croydon, Harrow and Sutton came together to lead a regional international recruitment workshop for London, sharing their different approaches with over 40 attendees from London’s boroughs. We also heard from four international colleagues who shared powerful personal experiences of integrating into UK culture and social work practice.
  • The next regional event is in March 2022, which is being led by 4 London Authorities on the topic of permanent recruitment in children’s services.
  • Further research is planned for later in 2023 on international recruitment

What others say about the events

“It was really great and so good to hear so many examples of overseas recruitment.”

“A very informative session.”

“A lot of commonality in approach and some good examples of sensible but unique practice that others said they would utilise/ learn from.”

“Thank you for organising this session, really useful.”