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The Big Listen Social Worker Survey is Live!

The Big Listen Survey is Live!


We have now completed all of our focus group sessions with Managers, Permanent CSWs, Agency CSWs, NQSW/AYSE and students which were all well attended and included powerful reflections from staff that will be invaluable in the development of London’s workforce strategy. We are considering running further sessions in January for specific groups that we believe would be valuable, and will be in touch to confirm once confirmed.


Another key part of this research is our Big Listen Survey

Overview of the research:

  • The #big listen is a piece of research that is being carried out with children’s social workers and managers in London and the South East. It aims to help improve the working environment for people working in Children’s Services. This survey is part of the project (alongside focus groups and other activity).  The research is funded by Local Authorities and Children’s Trusts in both regions.  
  • Who is the survey for?  We want to hear from a wide range of staff including: local authority social workers, social work managers, social work students, AYSE social workers, agency social workers and managers.
  • How to answer the questions Please answer the questions based on experience of your current job, agency assignment or placement. If you are not currently working or on placement please base your answers on your last workplace.
  • How does the survey work?  The questions you are asked will depend on the responses provided, so for example agency social worker will be asked different questions to social workers employed directly by a Local Authority.
  • What do we plan to do with the information collected?  The information collected will be used by the 33 London Local Authorities and the 19 Local Authorities in the South East to develop a deeper understanding of how they can improve the workplace for children’s social workers.

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The information collated will be anonymised and not attributed to any individual. Very few of the of the questions asked are mandatory, so if someone doesn’t want to answer a question they can move on to the next. 

When we have completed the research, we will collate the information gathered and develop an analysis to develop our regional workforce strategy. We aim to complete the research and report back in Spring 2023.