Your Choice, a pan-London project aimed at reducing youth violence, has reached a pivotal milestone with the publication of the Pilot trial report. The report recommended progression to a full-scale Efficacy trial which will run from August 2023 to December 2024.

Your Choice Pilot Trial Report Published

We are excited to announce that today marks the publication of the Your Choice Pilot trial report by our partner, the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF). This is a key milestone in the evaluation of Your Choice, a London-based programme to tackle violence affecting young people. The report recommended progression to a full-scale Efficacy trial, indicating that the design of the programme’s evaluation known as the London Young People Study (LYPS) works, and that sufficient promise of the Your Choice programme has been shown during the Pilot trial to warrant further funding. The Efficacy trial, which began this August, will run until December 2024 and is expected to involve around 1500 young people. 

Every one of London’s 32 boroughs was involved in driving forward the Pilot trial – it is thanks to the dedication and hard work across London that this rigorous piece of research is progressing to Efficacy.  Through engagement in the London Young People Study (LYPS), London’s local authorities are testing out ‘what works’ for this cohort of young people who are underrepresented in the current evidence base to ensure that there is robust and representative evidence in place to inform practice”.   

Florence Kroll, Director of Children’s Services RB Greenwich and co-Chair of Your Choice Steering Group said:   

“We know that true change happens when the right people work together for a common goal – it is only through the deep multi-agency collaboration that we have reached this far.  My thanks to all the practitioners in both the control and Your Choice teams, you are all contributing to a very important trial that aims to make a lasting difference for young people in London.  
I would also like to thank the 300 young people and London’s brilliant youth practitioners who participated in the Pilot trial, without you none of this is possible.” 

Lib Peck, Director of London’s Violence Reduction Unit said:

“We are committed to leading a partnership approach to tackling violence that is rooted in prevention and early intervention. That means investing and championing the vital role that youth workers and frontline practitioners play in a young person’s life.

 The Your Choice programme is a really good example of partnership work in all 32 London boroughs, and the report demonstrates why investing in trusted adult relationships is the right approach for children and young people in greatest need of support.”      

Designed by a Forensic Psychologist, developed by the London Innovation and Improvement Alliance (LIIA) and supported by London’s Violence Reduction Unit, the Your Choice programme brings together current best practice in adolescent safeguarding and emphasises a child-first approach to tackling violence which puts trusted relationships at the heart of the intervention. The Your Choice practitioners work with young Londoners aged 11-18 at risk of contextual harm three times a week for a 12-to-18-week period with the aim of helping young people better understand themselves and equip them with coping strategies to disrupt unwanted patterns of behaviour. Specialist clinical supervision is built into the programme for Your Choice practitioners, to support them in their work with young people.  

For further information about Your Choice and the London Young People study check out our LIIA’s website: 

Click here to read the Your Choice Pilot Trial report